Gypsy Music

It’s not a LAURELISH performance, but it’s a performance she approves!

3 thoughts on “Gypsy Music”

  1. The reason why I think it would be amazing me for me to to win this is because I am a huge fan. I know all the lyrics to there music and back in October I bought concert tickets just to seem them play. I was so excited about it that I event bought a vip pass to be one of the first people inside the concert at the hard rock in Orlando. I showed up hours before the show along with some friends in hope to meet them.I somehow became sick being in the sun all day, then in the rain, when it finally came time to see the show I walked right in and realized I was about to pass out and had to leave right away.I was so disappointed because I adore this band so much and have been a big fan of Craig’s since bless the fall. I still listen to escape the fate almost every night along with the songs he did with the word alive and bless the fall. I support this band for doing the best they can and working their butt off to give the fans the best music they can. I can relate to almost all the lyrics they have and it makes me rock out that much more.The fact that Craig and escape the fate over came all the hate to do what they wanted to just to make music makes this band even that more amazing.This is why it would be awesome to win something from them.-Laura

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