Who is LAURELisH?

When the dust settles, Laurelish may stand as the most important underrated female recording artist of the late 20th century. Uncompromising and iconoclastic, Laurelish confounded expectations at every turn; restlessly innovative, her music evolved from deeply personal folk stylings into pop, jazz, avant-garde, and even world music, presaging the multicultural experimentation of the 1980s and 1990s by over a decade. Fiercely independent, her work steadfastly resisted the whims of both mainstream audiences and the male-dominated recording industry. While Laurelish’s records were never successful in terms of actual sales, the few albums she recorded stand as a lasting testament to her uncompromising artistic vision.

Growing up as a young child in Northern California, Laurel G. Yackolovolich exercised a deep devotion to art, music and canned meat products.   During her high school years, she began to create her own musical path within the explosive folk rock movement of the late 20th Century.   An unlikely performance at a Los Gatos coffee shop led to a lucrative record label contract offered by Artie Goldschmer,  president of Morning Glory Records, who happened to stumble into the coffee shop at the right time.  Offering complete artistic freedom by the label to record the music she wanted, without any managerial interference, Laurel did make a concession to utilize a stage name, transforming herself from Laurel G. Yackolovolich to “Laurel Moontulip.”

The Dreaded Turnip Syndrome was her first and only album for Morning Glory Records.  Refusing to fall in to any one particular musical genre, this album explored a wide diversity of musical styles, which ultimately made it marketing this album a challenging task, to say the least.  For Artie Goldschmer, who spent enormous sums of money to produce this unique masterpiece, the box office failure of this album was a devastating blow, which ultimately led to the bankruptcy of Morning Glory Records.

An ambitious tour to promote the Dreaded Turnip Syndrome album was met with general indifference by the buying public that didn’t recognize, much less appreciate this groundbreaking musical recording.

Laurel Moontulip

The Dreaded Turnip Syndrome

(year unknown)  Morning Glory Records

  1. I Gave My S&H Stamps for Peace
  2. The Church of Dr Doolitttle
  3. Galactic Zoo Land
  4. I Can Hear the Wind Whistling Flute Songs
  5. Nothing Matters Except Matter
  6. White People Are Funny, White Sugar is Poison
  7. Give Peas a Chance
  8. 5 Minutes of White Noise

By the time Laurel got around to recording her second album, five years later, she had undergone a series of life-changing transformations, which included four marriages, three religious conversions, a nervous breakdown, and a complete renunciation of material possessions, which included a rather bizarre ritual at a sparsely attended 1976 Cleveland concert in which she donated her entire wardrobe to the local SPCA.

For her second album, she adopted “The Laurel Experience” persona, and embraced a more experimental approach to her music.  Listen To the Animals was an earth-shattering assault on what was considered normal music in the early 80’s.   This particular recording was released by the Warped Records label, which promised competent promotion and a comprehensive international distribution plan.

The Laurel Experience

Listen To the Animals

(year unknown) Warped Records

  1. I Talk to the Dogs on Acid
  2. Scream Like A Banshee, Howl Like a Wolf!
  3. You Say Bitch Like It’s a Bad Thing?
  4. It’s Really Funny How Ferkockta Life is
  5. I Get Off Alone
  6. My Mudpuppy Ran Away Today
  7. Stop With That Godamned Duckface!
  8. Holding On the Phone for Eternity With the AT&T Customer Service Blues
  9. More White Noise From the White Woman

Ultimately, like so many other empty promises in the recording industry, this particular record deal turned out to be yet another disappointment  in the Laurel musical career.   Within a year, Warped Records also declared bankruptcy, and combined with other activities in her personal life,  Laurel decided that she had enough of the music industry.

An obsessive fan named Rubert Singali became husband #5, and Laurel retired from the music industry, retreating to unnamed lands in the Himalayas with her husband, where they maintained a successful yak farm for over 10 years.

After a tragic accident involving Mentos candies, Diet Coke and a stuffed penguin toy, Laurel became a widow for the first time in her life.

After a brief grieving period in the Bahamas, Laurel emerged from her self-imposed cultural cocoon, discovering some of the wonders of the 21st century, including the new phenomenon  known as “the internets,” where unbeknownst to her, a new generation of fans had emerged, embracing the music she had created so many years ago.

With the enthusiastic support of her of her new fanbase, Laurel was once again a musical recording artist.  Relocating to the city of Paris, she picked up from where she left off, and returned to the home she knows so well – the recording studio!

Adopting a shorter moniker, the former Laurel G. Yackolovolich became simply “Laurelish.”   Her latest album is a musical opera based on her book, “The Nosebleed Diaries.”   This particular project embraces the music of gypsy folk songs, Indian raga, free-form jazz, and the natural sounds of timber wolves.



2010, i-Boones Records

  1. Words on a Food Processor, Indigestion on a Word Processor
  2. Pootska Poopering
  3. Ms. Wendrunkon-Sambuca
  4. Prozaic Bluegrass Blues
  5. Fertilizer Boy Still Owes Me Rent
  6. The Larva is Gone
  7. Her Specialischish
  8. ColdStone Cheesecake Ice Cream with Frozen Raspberries
  9. Sweetbox and Sushi
  10. The Real Schnitz-Schahnizzelah

Rumor has it that Ms. Laurel is beginning work on her fourth album.

We are all anxiously looking forward to hearing it!

UPDATE: The government of Slobovakonia has declared May 27th as “LAURELISH YACKOLOVICH DAY” to celebrate her anniversary of existence. Government offices and banks shall be closed to celebrate this special moment.

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  1. Wow..nice photos ..loved ready this..all this done by one of my best friends from High School! Sounds much more exciting than those days.LOL

    Hope you record again!

    Love Ya

  2. Hi:I love your style.Come to see me when you can.I`m an diehard musician.Played my 1st paying gig 40 yrs ago….nowadays,I like fish and doggies best.They like me too.

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